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An EMR recruiter is someone engaging in recruitment, which is the solicitation of individuals to fill jobs or positions within any group in an Electronic Medical Records environment. EMR recruiters can be divided into two groups; those working internally for one organization, and those working for multiple clients in a third-party broker relationship, sometimes called headhunters or agency recruiters.

An internal EMR recruiter (alternatively in-house recruiter or corporate recruiter) is member of a company or organization and typically works in human resources (HR), which in the past was known as the Personnel Office, or just Personnel. Internal EMR recruiters may be multi-functional, serving in an HR generalist role (negotiating, hiring, firing, exit interviews, employee disputes, contracts, benefits, recruiting, etc.) or in a specific role focusing all their time on the activity of recruiting. They can be permanent employees or hired as contractors for this purpose. Contract EMR recruiters tend to move around between multiple companies working at each one for a short stint as needed for specific hiring purposes. The responsibility of the EMR recruiter is to filter the candidate as per the requirement of the client.

A third party EMR recruiter or an employment agency acts as an independent contact between their client companies and the candidates they recruit for a position. An EMR Recruiter can specialize in client relationships only, and in finding candidates. Most EMR recruiters tend to specialize in permanent or full-time, direct hire positions or contract positions, but occasionally in both.

An executive search firm is a type of employment agency that specializes in EMR Recruiters for companies in various industries. EMR Recruiters typically have a wide range of personal contacts within the area in question, a detailed specific knowledge of said area, and typically operate at the most senior level. EMR recruiters are also involved throughout more of the hiring process, conducting detailed interviews as well as only presenting candidates to clients where they feel the candidate in question will fit into the employment culture of the client. EMR Recruiters typically have long-lasting relationships with clients spanning many years, and in such cases the suitability of candidates is paramount. It is also important that such EMR Recruiters operate with a high level of professionalism.



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